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Growing Pains | High school transition series Part 1

Ah yes, High School. A nervous and very weird time for basically everyone, right? It’s a time where you start a new chapter in your life and a time where everyone expects so much more from you. 

A lot of people might get their first job, learn how to drive, and have a lot more responsibilities (and homework). It’s all so nerve-wracking and kinda scary. Even for me. 

Are you wondering what YOUR child might feel? Perhaps your child is still too young right now. Do you want to know how to help them prepare for this moment? Then, I hope this article can help. 

In this article, I’ll be talking about what my thoughts are of high school before and after orientation! Let’s hope for the best!

(2 days before orientation day, 2 weeks before the end of the year.)


I’ll be starting high school in a matter of months (2 months) and oh my, it has been such an emotional roller coaster! The majority of my friends have been nervous these past few weeks too! We’re all in a panic mode over everything! I’ve had these thoughts even months before orientation! 

Are my friends gonna forget me? 
How much homework will we be receiving? 
I’m totally gonna be bullied! There is no doubting that, what can I do? (I’m very short for my age) What if I miss the bus? 
What if my friends forget me? 
The school is so big, am I gonna get lost? 
Did I say something about my friends forgetting me yet? 

Mhm. A WHOLE emotional roller coaster. Yet, these are some of the things I thought about. 

With COVID and everything else happening in this world we live in, there is so much stuff that needs to be finished and prepared! Plus, over here in the land down under, the restrictions have eased so all last-minute events have been put back on! 

I don’t know if I’m even ready for it, although, I am kind of getting excited for orientation day! See you guys in a few!


The Orientation day was amazing! All the teachers were so welcoming and helpful when it came to just introducing us to the school and its routines! 

My transition to high school went super smooth and I cannot WAIT to start high school! 

Plus, I made good friends with the Grade 6s from my school last year.  It was super nice and fun to meet them and study with them again! 

After all of this, ALL of my thoughts and perspectives changed. It was JUST AMAZING AND NOW I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO PRIMARY SCHOOL! 

The bad thing about moving schools though is the uniform price, and it doesn’t even fit perfectly! 

The school seemed SO BIG at first.  Once we went on the tour and went around the campus during our free time, you kind of just felt like you knew the whole school! I just loved everything about it... the lockers, the classrooms, the buildings but not the toilets. They aren’t clean. 

It was pretty easy to make friends even though in the beginning, we were all pretty shy. Although I met all these new people, I still decided to stick with my old friends! 

So parents, do not worry. Your child will do AMAZING in both primary school and high school! But, make sure to have them work on their social skills as it is a big help and a great skill to master and learn! That’s all for now, see you guys next in the next article, bye!
About the Author: Mikhael is a Filipino living in 
Melbourne, Australia. He loves music, online games, 
and Japanese food.

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