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What does "to make each day count" means?

"Life is a gift and I don't intend on wasting it... You have to take life as it comes at you... and make each day count."

I recently watched a clip from the movie Titanic. It was the scene where Jack was having dinner with the rich people. During dinner, before toasting a glass of champagne, he said those lines.

I was moved. Moved not only because of how well that simple scene was shot. Leonardo DiCaprio delivered those lines plus a few more. All while flirting with Rose, getting a glass of champagne at the right timing, and tossing a matchbox across the table.


Yes, I'm a fan. I've loved Leo since high school 🥰🥴 But no, not just because of that.

I am moved by the last words, "Make each day count."

What does it mean? Is it really possible to make each day count?

I looked it up and in American English, it should mean:

  • to make the most of each day
  • don't waste a day
  • make something to remember each day

I thought about what's happening lately and all the things that happened to me lately.

There were lazy days,
boring days (okay, not really when Lucas is around)
exciting days,
bad days,
worst days.

Did I make something to remember EACH DAY? I certainly won't remember all of them - not with this poor memory!

I know not every day is worth writing about in this blog too!

Did I waste "a day"?

Sure, there were days when I did not want to be productive. When all I wanted was to watch an anime or browse social media. Did I waste those days?

There were weekends when we did not go out like we used to. Did we waste those days?

How about the worst days of my life? When I lost the people I love? Could I have done something to make the most of those days?

If you search it online, you'll see practical guides on how to make each day count. Do an act of kindness, express yourself, do something new, or learn something new, etc.

I can't see how those can be practically done EVERY SINGLE DAY!

In pondering and searching, I looked at Lucas. I realized how children are able to do it.  I have the answer right in front of me all along...

I realized that to make each day count, you have to see your day as your whole life.

Just like what we ask our children to do!

Do you get it? Remember when you say to your kids before sleeping, "It's time to sleep, you've played all day, blah blah blah... now it's time to let your body rest. Tomorrow you can do it all again."

Their day is also a routine of playing and having fun, of crying and frustrations.  And yet the next day is still something to look forward to.

The key to doing it is like how we do it for them, when we look back. When we reflect on how their days went. 

Like a scene in a movie, if you can.

So now, I'm thinking about my worst days and how those tragedies could have turn into something that counts. When I lost my mom and dad. When my second child died. And just about every bad day... 

Just like a child, all ready to sleep...
I remember the warm hug from Lucas, and my husband - sealing the day with a kiss...

To make each day count is to see a day as your whole life. If nothing went well. We can turn it round no matter how bad. Not with anything grand or special. Maybe end it with something nice and sweet?

P.S. Are you single? I'm thinking about you too when writing this. To make it simple, I did not mention you. Despite not having a partner in life, I know you have a kid/s or parents, or friends like me, so...

"Here's to making it count!" - Rose


Do you have other thoughts on how we can make each day count?

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