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God calmed my heart with peace after the storm

Being the drama queen that I am, I got affected by the recent events again. It made me think about the emotional storms we are all going through.

How do you stay calm during a heavy storm?
If they keep on coming, how can I be strong?
The last one was bad, and so was the others before that.
I wonder when it will stop...

How do you refrain from panicking?
When the gushing tears, grief, and fear
come flooding in?
Inside it overflows cause I can't hold it in.

This is too much.
This is too painful.
This is more than I can take...
But beside me, an innocent child
with a promising future ahead.

When there's no more hope left.
All my energy drained,
I call to God, "Please help me Lord,
I don't know what to do anymore."
He then placed His hands on my shattered heart, and filled it peace.

Peace that calmed my mind
Peace that gave me the will to fight,
Peace that helped me see the future still bright.

All of us have been through a lot, this year was the most challenging. When it seems as if we can no longer bear anymore. It is when we keep our faith and surrender to God that we are able to endure it all.

Personally, it is when God filled my heart with peace that I become strong again whenever I feel emotionally weak. It is when God filled my heart with peace that I can keep calm and think better.

As my heart shattered watching the news on TV about my home country. I know that those affected by the typhoon underwent both physical storms and emotional storms. It pains me more to see that there are babies and young children. I can't imagine how hard it is being in their situation now.

Let us extend help in whatever way we can.

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