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My Son, My Teacher: Is daddy rich?

Adulthood is knowing that your lifestyle is your choice. And other people's lifestyle is theirs.

Before the end of Kindergarten, counting money was introduced. Along with it is the knowledge that everything comes with a price. And that some things will cost more money than other things.

Just a month ago, we received a special fixed benefit from the government. We were saving that money for the baby. Now the baby is gone so we decided to buy a bike. Now, we can go to places without using public transportation.  

Lucas repeatedly said, "I can't believe we bought a bike without money!"

And thus, the introduction of using a credit card.

At the shop, he noticed a scooter worth around 7,000 yen. He asked if it was expensive. Hmmm.. How would you explain in a way a 6 years old who just learned about number place values would understand?

I said, "Your iPad is about 5X more expensive than that." 

Naturally, he asked about the bikes. Now he knows that mommy's bike is twice more expensive than daddy's bike because of the battery. And that his iPad is even more expensive than daddy's bike.

Before anyone judges our judgment on buying him an iPad. Let me explain. 😆 The tablet was bought recently as a gift for his 6th birthday and used for home learning. He is only given 2 hours of tablet time for games every weekend (only as a reward). On a weekday he can read books on it before bed.

We believe that screen time is okay as long as you can be strict about time limits and contents. The details of this for another story.

On to the main topic of this article...

One day he said, "Why can't we have a bigger house? Why don't we go back to Roppongi hills?"

I asked him back, "Why do we need a bigger space? You have an entire room (9sqm) for yourself.  We take you out to the park every day."

He explained that what he was saying is that we need a bigger living space. Our apartment is 2DK (2BR, Dining, Kitchen). And that the apartment in Roppongi Hills is prettier because it looks like a hotel room.

We had a long conversation about it.

I realized, he is becoming more observant. That he is starting to compare. I guess that is okay. I just don't want him to be ungrateful. He needs to learn that sometimes he's got less than others, but sometimes he's got more.

Today we went to Komazawa Olympic Park to jog and light some handheld fireworks.  We usually bring our own water but it was extremely hot we ran out. While Dad went to the vending machine to buy, Lucas asked, "Mommy, Is daddy rich?"

I asked him a bunch of questions back. I wanted his thoughts to be visible. What prompted him to ask these questions now?  At 6 years old, what is his perception about money?

I found out, that because of his knowledge about money. He is more aware on how we spend our money. Buying things online, buying from a vending machine, buying food, and toys. He is beginning to get how important it is to have money. With money, he can buy his needs AND WANTS.

It was a long conversation and sometimes his answers do not make sense. Still, I probed.  I asked him, "What is more important? Friends or money?"

He answered, "Friends and money! Fall in love with friends and fall in love with money!" I still don't understand what he meant but isn't it cute? 😆

I try to explain these things to him. To make him realize that money is not all that matters. I began to realize how guilty I am about having the same thoughts sometimes. You know, comparing and thinking about never getting enough money.

I remember a conversation with one of my friends. I asked him why he is not active on FB and IG anymore.

He said browsing FB stresses him out these days, while IG makes him feel envious about other people's lifestyles!  It's funny but I think he is doing the right thing. 

Adulthood is knowing when to walk away from the things that will only make you feel bad.

Like my son, I actually can't help but compare sometimes. However, adulthood is knowing when to brush off discontentment by constantly appreciating the things that we do have.

Contentment quote by Buddha

Adulthood is knowing that your lifestyle is your choice. And other people's lifestyle is theirs. Mind your own business. Stick to your own lifestyle choice, or get ready to spend more money.

Being active on social media right now. I don't get affected anymore. Why? Because we can see if an influencer is authentic. They have to post daily updates on IG.  Dining out, branded bags, expensive shoes, books, jewelry, etc. It has to be their real lifestyle. Otherwise, they can't keep up. Thus, if they have that kind of lifestyle, it means they can afford it!

Adulthood is knowing that if you cannot afford a lifestyle you want, you have to work hard for it. Stop feeling bad for yourself!

So yeah, I don't own an LV bag and all my branded bags were gifts from my sisters-in-law. I only have 1 real pair of gold earrings, a broken Samsung cellphone, and 2 rubber shoes. (I'm just giving you a general idea here. I'm a very low maintenance kind of wife.) 

But I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, my home country has the most gorgeous travel destinations, I have a mamachari, a Canon G7X camera, a laptop, high-speed wifi, and a Netflix subscription. That's all I need! Best of all, I have a sweet son, a chef of a husband, and an American brother who buys me all the good stuff for Christmas! 😜

Kidding aside, if we want to teach the kids to always be grateful and appreciate what they have. Let that be our own mindset!

Is daddy rich? Yes, he is. Because he's got our love. It might be too early for you to understand these things when even some adults don't. But I'm here to guide you, baby...

How about you? Are you guys rich?

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  2. Hello...well written, enjoyed reading it. Continue having fun with your son. We really learn a lot from my case my niece. God bless and hope i get to visit you there. Stay in touch!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and taking time to drop a comment. God bless you too! Sure, let's hope it's soon!


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