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Why I stopped eating pork & all other four-legged animals - almost 10 years ago!

I stopped eating pork

One day, you decided not to eat pork. You know how unhealthy it is. You read it, watched it, a wellness doctor probably told you about it. One week later, you were doing great! Everyone admired you for it. But then a month later, there is a party at the office. They ordered spaghetti, pepperoni pizza, and some pork bbq. Oh no! What will you eat?

The next month, you were invited to eat at a Korean restaurant. Bummer! All meat? What will you eat? The appetizers?

In the following months, a birthday party... a fiesta... Christmas holiday! In the Philippines, a big celebration calls for Lechon (whole pig on a stick roasted until the skin is crunchy and the insides juicy!). Can you still resist the temptation?

Here in Japan and almost anywhere else in the world, you will be tempted by various dishes made extra tasty because there is either pork or beef. Did you think about these things before you suddenly decided not to eat pork because it is unhealthy?

What if I tell you I have not eaten pork, beef, or any other four-legged animals for almost 10 years?

Yes, promise! Even while we are here in Japan. In fact, at first, it was hard for us to find a Ramen shop that serves chicken.


It’s probably the hundredth time that I will have to explain this “rare” choice. 

“Really?” “Why, are you on a diet?” “Is it religion?” "Since when?" These are the questions I mostly receive.

In this blog, I will share it with you.

More importantly, I will tell you how.  How someone who loves Lucban Longganisa, Christmas ham and Purefoods corned beef, managed to survive not eating pork or beef.

Let me go back in time...

Why I stopped eating pork & all other four-legged animals

It was November 10, 2010, just 45 days before Christmas! Can you imagine? I was browsing through Facebook and I saw a video about animal cruelty in a slaughterhouse. 

Yes, pigs that are maltreated before the kill. BEFORE OUR BIG MEAL! Right then and there I decided that I will no longer eat pork. Then I started reading the PETA and PAWs website. I learned that animals, similar to humans, are sentient beings

This means that they can experience both positive and negative emotions, including pain and distress. According to a study posted by Nat Geo, they hope, fear, get angry, and love.  

From personal experience, having a 12-year old chihuahua, they dream, they have nightmares, they snore and they fart! They feel jealousy, extreme sadness, and unconditional love. Thus, my brain somehow associated the video that I watched, the research I read, and my love for my four-legged dog. 

I also learned that pigs are smarter than dogs! I was sooooo convinced that the mere thought or act of cutting the meat for cooking repulses me.

With that choice, I heard different reactions. Uso na ang bashing noong 2010 pa lang!

At first, some people laughed at me. I told them my reason, they said, "Oh but you still eat fish? Don't you know that when they are taken out from the sea, they flutter around in the boat until they die? Those poor fish must have been very scared and hurt." 

I cried that day. I told my boyfriend and he said, "Just don't go around telling people your real reason. Why don't you tell them you don't eat red meat for health reasons?" 

“But now I don't want to eat chicken and fish too”, I replied. 

We had a long argument then but he was able to convince me that it won’t be healthy for me. I don’t even like vegetables and those vegans drink supplements for protein.  Or if I really wanted a complete change in my lifestyle, I'd have to be prepared for the cost of that shift. Healthy and convenient food is almost equivalent to expensive food.

Some people, however, admired how I was able to maintain this lifestyle. Some said they will try it, but as you know, it's hard to keep it up. Some said they can, but with cheat days.  

How was I able to survive?  Simple enough.  I married a very supportive man who loves to cook.  With a stroke of good luck, his mother has not eaten a single bite of pork her whole life! (Her reasons are weirder.) 

My choice made me appreciate my friends more.  Because they respected my choice, they consider my preference whenever we dine out or order food.

Have I ever get tempted? Oh yes. Once when I was pregnant. It has been 4 years of not eating a four-legged animal then, I wanted to eat longganisa in Nueva Ecija. My husband stopped me and said I might regret it later on. Thank goodness I listened!

Simple life lessons I learned after making this choice 

 You may disagree with other people’s choices.  But you can always RESPECT their right to choose.
  1. Your support system is the people you chose to surround yourself with.  Select them wisely, they will always get you through difficult times. This is also very important when breastfeeding!
  2. Just because you don’t eat red meat, you won’t get fat.  You need to exercise too! Just saying... don't expect that I'm slim haha!

How can YOU do it successfully too?

1. Do it for a compelling reason. Staying healthy is not just eating the right food, it's overall health and fitness. In my case, it wasn't exactly a choice. Something changed in me - psychologically that made me repulse eating them.
2. Support system. this is very important. If you do it with someone, it is more likely going to be successful. This means for a higher chance, it should no longer be part of the grocery list.
3. Bring your own snack or go hungry. Most of the time, my preference was forgotten. I had to scrape off meat from the pizza or eat appetizers at a Korean restaurant.
4. Or you can brainwash yourself too. Hey, It worked for me!

I'm sorry this article can't be much help or if I discouraged you somehow. haha! Anyway, if you were successful at it for a good reason. Can you share your success story too?

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