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Senzokuike Park - Ota ward

The purpose of this post is to document our experience and hopefully provide useful information to others. Enjoy!

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A serene and historical park within the busy city of Tokyo. It features a natural pond that flows to the Nogawa river where you can rent a paddleboat or a swan boat. It boasts of a historical temple and a shrine. Added to its charm are the Sakura trees during Spring and hydrangeas during Summer.


We live 2.1km away from this park so we thought, no biggie! We can walk all the way there. And so we did.

The first area we stumbled upon is the hills where the Sakura trees are. We were not impressed. Obviously, because it wasn't Spring and it was dark.

Senzokuike Park picnic area
This is on top of a hill. There are Cherry trees all around and will be packed with people having a picnic. 

We thought we walked some more as we got attracted to hydrangeas along a path beside a canal.

Senzokuike Park Hydrangea
Hydrangea full bloom May to July

At the end of the path, we entered the park. We saw that there was a pond and beyond that was the busy night road of Ota-ku! We couldn't indulge at the moment, because a lawyer from India heard Lucas spoke English. I find that it is easier to make friends with foreigners here. I met a good friend in the playground from Ethiopia within our first month here.

Senzokuike Park at night
Lucas sat by a bench and savored the moment not knowing that Kois was right by that water.

We talked to the lawyer for a while and then proceeded to walk a bit more. To our surprise, we stumbled upon a magnificent little red shrine!
We came back on June 23, three days after we went to Rinshinomori Park.

It was a hot sunny day when we walked to get there. And then, we were amazed!

Senzokuike Park
Going up to the picnic area - nice during Sakura season or Autumn

The Kois are within reach. The pigeons are also not shy to approach you.

Senzokuike Park Koi
Japanese Kois within reach and a lot more around the area

Senzokuike Park
A large horse statue to commemorate the horse that accompanied a 12th-century warlord

Senzokuike Park
The name of the park came from the Chinese characters Sen "thousand" and Grass "zoku

Senzokuike Park
The red Torii gate marks the entrance to Senzoku Hachiman Shrine

Senzokuike Park
The founder of the Nichiren school of Buddhism was said to have washed his feet here in the 13th century. 

Senzokuike Park
A beautiful arched bridge called Ikezuki Bridge

Senzokuike Park
Perspective from the side to see the arched bridge and Torii gate

And the shrine we saw the first night we went here?
Senzokuike Park
Isn't this a sight to behold?
Senzokuike Park
The shrine of Benzaiten, a water goddess of literature and music, wealth, and femininity.

When we finally settled down with our excitement. We sat by one of the many benches surrounding the pond to relax for a bit.

This is around 30 minutes by train from Shibuya station. Maybe you can drop by when you visit? 😉

We promised to come back to rent a swan boat. And maybe a couple of times more just to be in touch with nature. 🥰 However, as of this writing, the number of people tested positive for coronavirus in Tokyo reached 3 digits again.

For now, we can bike around just to get out of the house.

🗾 2-chōme-14-5 Minamisenzoku, Ota City, Tōkyō-to 145-0063, Japan
⛺ Size: largest park in the city of Ota
🌳 Sakura, Japanese red pine, Japanese black pine, Sudazi, Ginkgo, zelkova, maple

  • Playground
  • Swan boat ride
  • Koi viewing
  • Take photos (like what Lucas did)
Senzokuike Park
I gave him my old Canon camera so he was excited to take photos
Senzokuike Park
Lucas did not get to play here of course because he can't touch anything just yet. Maybe next year ;)

  • Paddleboat
  • Picnic
Senzokuike Park
Swan boat is at 800 yen per minute. There is also a paddleboat for only 400 yen per minute and will allow you to pass through under the red shrine's bridge.

  • Sit at the many benches surrounding the pond
  • Stroll around the pond
  • Watch the birds and the fish
Senzokuike Park

Senzokuike Park

Senzokuike Park

Senzokuike Park

  • Jogging/running/walking
Senzokuike Park
This is on the other side where you can stroll along the long board walk.

Senzokuike Park

Senzokuike Park

Senzokuike Park
If you'd like to jog, you can take this paved pathway.

ANNUAL CALENDAR (Best time to visit - see Official website for changes)
  • Sakura - March to April
  • Autumn - October to November

Some notable features:
  • Bicycles are not allowed inside. There is a parking area on the main road entrance.
  • There is a big library beside it and migratory animals can be seen during the winter season
  • Pets are allowed

Youtube video coming up very soon - Subscribe to YT/chasingfatima

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