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9 Make-Up Questions from Busy and Practical Moms - Q&A with Aina See

9 Questions from Busy and Practical Moms

"Para kanino ka nagkikilay?"
 (Who do you draw your eyebrows for?) I just coined it from a popular marketing campaign of a brand. The line, "Para kanino ka bumabangon?" (Who do you wake up for?), became famous in the Philippines. After all, you know what they say... "Kilay is life!".

And yet, I only started fixing and drawing my eyebrows when we came to Japan.  Almost to prove the saying "Kilay is life", my friends soon noticed it in the pictures I posted. I noticed it too. My appearance changes a lot when I fix my eyebrows.

I thought I was too busy to draw an eyebrow everyday.  Emphasize on "I thought" because looking back, it wasn't a good reason.

Because it wasn't just the eyebrows. It was putting on make-up, my sense of style, and my skincare routine.

The truth is, I did not make it a priority to do these things. "Being busy" was a good enough excuse to ignore these things especially for accountants like me. Being "pretty" is not one of our stereotypes. And those that did, stood out from the rest. I wasn't one of them for sure.

             |Make-up vs no-makeup, which one makes you feel better?

I realize now that "busy" is just an excuse. We make our own choices as to how we are going to spend our day. If we want to make it happen, we make it happen. Am I right?

      |"What you do for yourself, you're doing for others. And what you do for others, you are doing for yourself." - Pema Chodron

If it is a choice between a 15-minute make-up and scrolling through FB posts, which do you think would have a direct impact on you?

Hold on... Wait, can you do make-up within 15 minutes?!

I collaborated with my friend Aina of Aina See Artistry Elegance. She showed us how to do basic make-up on her Youtube channel while answering questions from busy moms. [Video at the end of this article].

Aina is our friend since College and has made a name for herself in the make-up industry after graduating from HD Makeup Studio Academy. With over 4,000 followers on Instagram, she recently became a member of PH Influencers.

View this post on Instagram

. . BASIC Make UP 101 I only used earth tones on this tutorial. Because this can match all kinds of skin tone. It also helps to achieve that enhanced makeup glow that most of us want. 👄 Product I use: Toner: SMILE SKIN HYALURONIC ESSENTIAL TONER Moisturizer: SMILE SKIN SNOW WHITE CREAM Primer and Fixer Spray: Witch's Pouch Witch's Fixer Foundation: @hudabeauty "macaroon" Eyebrow Pomade: @anastasiabeverlyhills "'medium brown" Black Liner: @anastasiabeverlyhills waterproof "Jet" creme color Eyeshadow: @anastasiabeverlyhills "Norvina Palette" Setting Powder: RCMA colorless Blush: @narsissist Narsissist Contour: @thekatvond and @sephora "Highlight and Contour Palette" Lips: @sunniesface " Baby Spice" Contact lenses from @shopee_ph #phinfluencers @phinfluencers #makeupartistsworldwide #nudemakeup #basicmakeuptutorial #makeuptutorial #100daysofmakeup #makeupartist #crazymakeups #makeup #artistsoninstagram #artistofinstagram makeupideas #makeuplife #makeuptime #makeuplooks #makeupoftheday #makeupslaves #makeupoftheday #glamskinmanilabrandambassador @glamskinmanila

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And because I'm embracing self-care, I am sharing the Q&A with you. Oh, di ba, instant make-up tutorial, and tips! I noted some points below but she explained more about them in her Youtube video so be sure to watch it!

9 Questions from Busy and Practical Moms

Here are 8 Make-Up Tips for the Busy and Practical Mom (Q&A Type)
Note: The products will depend on your skin type (e.g. sensitivity, acidity, skin tone) and the kind of weather in your place (e.g. dry or humid).

1. Can you do a 15-minute make-up?

Answer: "Yes, it is possible if you are just aiming for a "glow" make-up or a simple make-up. But if you are aiming for a "glam" make-up, then it is fairly impossible."

"Always use a Primer so that your make-up will stay longer. A primer contains glycerin which helps absorb the make-up and make it stay longer in your skin.  Personally, I use Celeteque moisturizer as a Primer.  This works for my skin."

"Here in the Philippines, the lighter the make-up the better. It is very humid so we don't want to feel sticky."

Aina did a sample of a quick make-up in her video. She's answering the rest of the questions as detailed as she can so the times won't match to 15 minutes.

a. Foundation: 10:19
b. Eyebrow: 14:00
c. Powder: 15:39
d. Lipstick: 21:17
e. Cheek tint: 21:47

2. Are there inexpensive makeup brands? [3:21]

Answer: "Yes. I can vouch for Maybelline, Revlon, Max Factor, Ellana, Colourette. These brands are readily available in the mall, pharmacies, and you can even order online through Shoppee or Lazada."

"If you have oily skin, go for a foundation that has the word "matte" in it. Like the Maybelline Fit Me, very affordable at Php 399 and often offered on sale at Shoppee.  I also use it together with Maybelline Super Stay Foundation."

"I personally use Maybelline for daily make-up."

3. What are the expensive brands worth investing in?

See Answers in Question 4.

4. I do not like retouching, what makeup brands should I buy so I don't have to keep on retouching? [11:20]

Answer: "I suggest you invest in a good primer and a good foundation. Buying a good foundation is a trial and error. What works for me may not work for you."

"In Sephora HK, I was told that Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a good high-end foundation. I have not tried this personally but I read some good reviews."

"Other high-end foundations I can recommend are Huda Beauty, Kryolan, and Estee Lauder."

5. What makeup should I always carry in my bag? [16:13]

Answer: "For make-up, carry a lip tint with the same shade as your lipstick, compact powder or blotting paper, and face mist." 

Why? It was all explained in the video.

6. Mothers take care of a lot of things during travel. Is there a quick fix? [22:16]

Answer: "Personally, I don't put on make-up when we are traveling. Even as a make-up artist who is passionate about make-up, I only chose specific occasions. If I have extra time during my travels, then I put on make-up.  If you'd really like to, just make sure you have the essential things I mentioned in question #5."

7. What are the current trends in blush on and eyeshadow? I saw that they put on those shining and shimmering ones. [22:30]

Answer"You can experiment or be as creative as you want, just make sure that it will suit you or the occasion. Don't do it because it is trending."

8. What kind of eyeliner would you recommend for beginners? [28:17]

Answer: "For beginners, I recommend those with a tip. I like Careline Graph-Ink Liner for less than Php100 and it is already waterproof.  It is best to look for waterproof but beware because some are not true. Read legit reviews before buying."

9. Are there eyebrow pencils that easily fade? I tend to sweat a lot during the summer. [30:55]

Answer: "Actually, ever since I started using make-up, I already used Anastasia. I suggest you do your research because I cannot recommend anything I haven't tried. You can try Maybelline first, they have a lot of good products."

Thank you Aina for this collaboration and for answering our questions! I will try your tips and share the results in the next article!

Here's the video from her Youtube Channel: Aina See

To book her for your HMUA or if you would also like to have a collaboration with her, send her a DM through IG @ainasee.

Like and subscribe! Comment if you have more questions in her video.

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