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Things are getting worst, but there's nothing wrong with being happy

Things are getting worst but there's nothing wrong with being happy

Last year ended great!
We explored different places and we spent it with the people we love.

Some tough things happened in the past years.
Like, my father's passing in 2018.  But we celebrated his life and things got better after.

We even moved to Japan!
Before we moved here, we had an amazing time with our family in the US! It was our first time there and we had a blast, it was epic!

But then the year 2020 came.

It was supposed to be a great year! Especially here in Japan.

Soon the world learned that a lot of people have been dying in China.
With Coronavirus 2019 (COVID19).
Quickly we learned that the virus traveled to big cities and stayed - almost permanently now.

The world thought Tokyo was doing great. The numbers spiked when they finally postponed the Olympics.
It was depressing to hear news from the Philippines too. Especially since families are recovering from Taal volcano's ashfalls.

Then last month...

Last month was tough.

It was hard.

We've accepted the fact that the virus isn't going away sooner.

And I got a teenager problem - I got pimples!
I learned that they actually have a term for it and it's called "Adult Acne"

Anyway, that's not what I want to share right now.

A few weeks later (after my miscarriage), things got worse.

A man was killed in America. Amidst the deadly virus, people are screaming for justice for the dead black man. The rest of the people receiving the blow of racism in America? They want change - they want century-awaited fairness. I pray for that too. (Yes, I support BLM movement.)

Meanwhile, in my beloved country, a major broadcasting network, ABS-CBN was shut down. And now, the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 sits on the President's desk.  Protesters rally amidst the deadly virus.

We are fighting more battles than when we started. On top of everything else - poverty, environmental issues, etc.

From petty concerns to the most serious stuff.

From flu symptoms to coronavirus...
From weight gain to serious illnesses...
From challenged parents working from home to unemployment...
From sadness to depression...
From fake Facebook accounts to a bill that possibly violates human rights (I know, they're not even connected but I can't think of anything now 😅)
From discrimination to racism...

I'm sure you have your own personal mix of simple and complex problems right now.

We all have the right to be sad, to get frustrated, to complain.

They said that "sometimes life is hard, but we make it harder than it really is."

Does it apply during this time?

Or can we admit that life is really hard this year?

My favorite author, Paulo Coelho said, "Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once."

"Ang galing di ba?"

Exactly our sentiments nowadays.

So let's admit it. Things are getting tougher.

Things are getting harder.

But amidst all these, we are getting better as a person.

We've been fighting more battles than ever.
We are moving mountains now and I bet you did not even know that you are strong enough to do it.

I guess our faith indeed gives us strength.

There is more than one compelling reason or opportunity for us to get better as a person.

We are learning that our world is no different than others.
Or that you are actually in a better place - it's always a matter of perspective.
We learned that you don't necessarily have to follow friends on Facebook. LOL!
We learned to be disciplined, to be more productive and resourceful.
We even learned new skills - congratulations to our new baker, tailors, and chef!

So, there's no room for hopelessness.

There's nothing wrong to post beautiful pictures on Instagram or Facebook.
There's nothing wrong to celebrate life events.
There's nothing wrong to celebrate simple victories, like completing a 3-day streak of your new fitness routine!
There's nothing wrong to binge-watch your favorite TV shows.


Let's not judge other people's feelings. Whether they are happy or sad. Their emotions are valid too.

Smiling does not always mean you're happy, it mostly means you are strong...
On the other hand, if you are smiling because you are happy. Don't worry, you don't have to be guilty. You don't have to explain it to the rest of the world.

In fact, we need people like you.  This quote that we've been seeing...

"Use that smile to change the world. And no matter what happens from now, do not let the world change your smile."

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