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Rinshinomori Park - Meguro and Shinagawa ward

The purpose of this post is to document our experience and hopefully provide useful information to others. Enjoy!

Rinshinomori park

A forest park within a residential area. It is a popular place for everyone as it can accommodate almost any activity like sports, jogging, BBQ, picnic, biking, walking your dogs, insect hunting, etc. For me, I think it's perfect for nature walks.


We initially saw this place at night and was amazed at how big this park is. It is most surprising because it is in the middle of a quiet residential area in Meguro (where we live) and the Shinagawa ward. During the night, residents go there to run or walk their dogs. We knew that we had to come back in the daytime.

Rinshinomori Park trees
Main plants / Japanese evergreen oak , camphor , Japanese zelkova , buttonball , cornel , oriental elm , bald cypress , Japanese dandelion, Japanese fairy bells

We were hesitant to come back on a Saturday because families still go to the park even though there is a pandemic during weekends. People are also encouraged to go out (with extra precaution) because experts know that the pandemic is already affecting the mental health of kids and workers. Knowing that it is going to be raining in the coming days, we decided to go to this park on a Saturday.

It was a 30-minute walk from our house to this park. We started to walk at 1:30 PM and since it was hot, it was harder to walk. We pretended to go on an adventure, crossing deserts and mountains so that Lucas won't think about the heat too much.

We brought a picnic mat but since there is an available table we spent about an hour sitting in the "supposedly closed" picnic area. There were long tables which you should share with other people in normal circumstances. Lucas mostly played around the shrubs after eating. [See Video below]

Picnic food
These were all we managed to prepare. pancit, rolls, dango, banana and some treats.

How about the other people there? There was no social distancing practiced among kids. They were playing baseball, soccer, or using the playground. I think there were only a few people who were having a picnic but there were quite a lot of people enjoying nature walk (like us).

Rinshinomori park kids playground
The playground was packed with small children. Lucas knows he should not play. He dreamt about playing in the playground last night. πŸ˜€

After going around the park, we went back home. Overall, we enjoyed being surrounded by nature. Next time, we should also take advantage of the large playing fields.

πŸ—Ύ Shimo-Meguro 5-chome, Meguro Ward; Oyamadai 2-chome, Shinagawa Ward
⛺ Size: 120,762.91 m2 
🌳 6,100 trees 

  • Playground
  • Adventure field
  • Splashing pond in the summer
  • Insect hunting
  • Biking
  • Running trail
  • Baseball/Soccer (big) field
Rinshinomori park splashing pond
Splashing ponds for kids - now close due to COVID19

Rinshinomori park field
There are 3 big fields like this: I think this is the Plane Tree Field

Rinshinomori park field
I think this one is the Great field. There were more kids playing baseball here earlier that day.

Rinshinomori park field
I think this is the Forest Field.

  • Picnic
  • BBQ with table and washing area
  • Camping in the campground (reservation required)
  • Watch forest concerts
Rinshinomori park BBQ area
They closed the bbq grill area. These seats were supposed to be off-limits too. See the yellow ribbons?

Rinshinomori park BBQ area
Washing area

  • Reading
  • basking in the sun
  • Sketching events
Relax in rinshinomori park
There are a lot of sitting areas like these around the park.

  • Jogging/running
  • Walking - there are 4 courses with plaques to identify the kinds of trees: Interaction, Poplar, Stream, and Pine paths
  • Biking
  • Baseball, soccer, etc
  • Stretching at the benches designed for it
  • Japanese radio calisthenics in the early morning

Rinshinomori park running trail
Jogging/running/walking/biking trail

Rinshinomori park trail
more trails

Rinshinomori park trail
One of the 4 walking course. I'm not sure which one this is.

Rinshinomori park trail
Now, can you imagine how much walking we did? 30-minute walk to get here... walked some more in these trails... then walked back home!

Rinshinomori park annual calendar

Some notable features:
  • The BBQ area and splash pond was closed (due to COVID19)
  • The ground is mostly muddy and grassy except for the walking trails so your shoes will be muddy when it rains
  • Pets are allowed
Sharing our memorable moments here:

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