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What Godzilla Can Teach Us About Tough Times Like Today

Godzilla is a very famous monster in Japan, and people who did not watch any of the 35 films probably heard about him or even knows what he looks like.

In over 30 movies, we have a lot to learn from Godzilla films. From Japan's history to human nature, politics to religion, etc.  Honestly, the message is so deep that after watching Godzilla: The Planet Eater, my head ached and I was like, "What happened? I still don't understand." Every catastrophic twist and turn combined with dialogues so real and deep was inspiring.

I watched this film amidst the panic over Covid-19. Naturally and almost automatically, I saw some similarities between this completely different situation.

Godzilla is a monster disturbed by humans through bomb tests. Not only is he gigantic but he is also powerful (he was even referred to as a Titan) that humans cannot defeat him with any of existing war machines. All throughout the film series, they tried to find a way to kill him. In the first film in 1954, he was killed with the Oxygen Destroyer only to come back again in 1966. Even nuclear weapons are useless as Godzilla feeds on it to get stronger.

Today, we are faced with a great feat. A virus that we know not how to kill and we are powerless against it. Just like Godzilla, even if we figure out a way to stop its spread, it will most likely come back to scare us. 

In my shallow mind, there was a line from the main character, Harou, that stood out from the movie, "We fought Godzilla so that humans can continue to live on.  We never want to destroy the planet just so we can get rid of him."

And in the midst of it all, as with all tragedies that we have been through, humanity's weaknesses unfolding. People panicking trying to save themselves. People who know nothing but criticize. At times like this, it is not the only coronavirus that is quick to spread, but rumors, casting fears, false accusations and criticism. We want to destroy coronavirus guys, not each other.

The villain Metphies said, "A monster becomes a monster because of fear." 

It is the ugly truth and it saddens me. Some humans, because of fear, do more harm than good.  And because of fear, people like them are exposed and spread like a virus.

Nevertheless, there are great people like Harou (whose name means hope in Japanese). Who keeps the faith and fights for humanity like a true hero. Harou represented by nurses, doctors, scientists, the survivors, and the government. Let's all keep our faith. In God, our fellow humans, and ourselves. 

Keep calm and hope.

The first Godzilla teaches on the impact of good governance at times like today. How its failure can lead to a country's demise. Have you ever watched an anime? Every scene is dramatic, and so cleverly moving and inspiring. In the 1954 Godzilla movie, it showed how a group of experts analyzed data and facts to learn more about the new monster they were facing. And after countless meetings and arguments, they decide not based on how the nation would react, but on what they thought was right based on the data that they have.

Some people even talk about the incompetence of government and medical practitioners. No government is perfect but yes they are the only superhero we can rely on right now. Not the Avengers or Justice League. But they can and should succeed because their failures mean our lost of lives and income. They are basing their decision on data, not on netizen's reactions.

Keep calm and help stop the ignorance - be adequately informed.

As Godzilla shows the history of Japan, so does coronavirus for the whole world as we know it. When this is all over, we look back and reflect on what you have done. I hope we do not find ourselves just ranting about how life has been put to halt or how difficult it has been for the family. I hope we've all done our part, to stay at home, protect ourselves so that we can protect others, and even look after our neighbors who may be having a tough time already even without all the ruckus.  Now is the time to show some discipline and not be careless. Follow the rules because the government can and will do all the necessary actions to maintain order.  Just like authorities in the Godzilla film tried to use powerful weapons. Even summoning a god that will not only destroy Godzilla but the whole planet. Let's not wait for more drastic measures.

Keep calm and do your own little part - show some discipline.

Humanity did not require you to fight Godzilla (or the virus). Humanity asked you to hide so that you won't be killed or cause someone to die on the battlefield.

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