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Does it snow in Tokyo? Our first real snow experience here!

Does it snow in Tokyo? Aside from concerns about the cost of living here, this is one of the questions I was frequently asked before we moved here.

The easy answer is No. Well, at least not often. Data shows that it snows here about an average of 7x per year from December to February.

True enough, during our first winter here we experienced a bit of snow fall about 3x only. Lucas gets disappointed everytime. He'd imagine building a snowman. Sadly, the snow would melt right after it hit the ground.

Today is different though. It has been raining the whole Saturday and with a below 0 degrees the snow piled up while we were asleep! The street has been covered with snow. We went out a bit just to enjoy our first real snow experience in Tokyo. We did not expect to see snow during the Sakura season. We dared not go to the park as the governer requested for people to stay indoors as Tokyo's coronavirus cases rise to more than 40 each day the past couple of days.

Lucas went out around 10 am:

Do you build a snowman? He realized he doesn't have the materials he needs.

I went out at 1pm, although its still snowing, the earlier piles started to melt on the ground.

If you want to visit Tokyo and experience snow at the same time, plan to visit nearby areas where there's sure to have snow the whole winter.

For now, we are grateful for the experience since we've been staying home. I was glad to see Lucas excited as he was getting a bit bored inside the house.

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