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How migration affects children - A perspective from a child who has moved 4x in 10 years

Moving to different places whether temporarily or permanently, internationally or internally, increased dramatically over the past decades. Career opportunities across the globe promise each family an improved standard of living. Our family, as one example. One of the major considerations, of course, is the effect that it will have on children. Children are affected by migration in different ways. According to UNICEF, the understanding of its effects are still highly limited as of this time.

Inspired by my previous article on traveling with kids. One child, who has moved four times in ten years, shared his experience to us:

by Mikhael M.

Moving countries is always a hustle. You never know what will happen and where things will take you. The first time I moved countries was when I was one year old. It was from the Philippines to Australia for my dad’s work. The second time I moved was from Australia to the US back in 2014. My third time was...well... back to the Philippines! It’s always surprising where life will take you. And only this year, I moved back to Australia! To me, traveling is always fun! Checking in, waiting in long lines ( I don’t know why πŸ˜…), watching planes take-off and land. The most exciting part: boarding the airplane! I am kind of an aviation enthusiast so having the chance to pass by an airport or to go inside an airport is always a fun experience for me. Although, my parents don’t agree. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So, you may think moving countries is a hustle, but at times it really isn’t. From a kids perspective, I understand commuting from here to there is tiring, and finding a taxi is too. Finding a ticket is also hard. And also what to pack and what to ship.

So parents, calm down. We know it’s a hassle but at least enjoy moving around and meeting new people.

So, here are some traveling tips that worked for us:

1. You may want to bring some reading and coloring books for your child. This may not be needed if the planes have IFE’s (In-flight entertainment) Which are those screens on airplane seats that contain movies, games, shows, etc.

2. Bring some snacks. And yes, I do know that some food and drink may not be allowed through security. If let's say, your child’s Nutella sandwich doesn’t make it through (tsk3), make sure to just buy some snacks on the plane or duty-free stores. Or they can eat the meal provided on the plane. And if all of that doesn’t work out... I don’t know what else will. ( LoL )

3. Accept that something’s gonna go wrong. With kids by your side, you gotta make it true to yourself that something’s gonna go wrong. Maybe a tantrum on the plane or one of your children made an oopsie on the seat. You never know.

It’s such a short list, and transitioning is a different discussion, but I guarantee it will help you.

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P.S. Notice that Mikhael's advice is mostly about traveling and not about some serious problems we adults worry about. So yes, let's relax parents. The effect may be relative from one child to another, but it looks like Mikhael's parents did a good job to make sure he won't have problems during transition. Isn't he so sweet? He even promotes my blog! Thank you Mikhael!

About the Author

Mikhael is now living in Australia.
He enjoys making videos and playing Minecraft.
He is my youtube video technical advisor.

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