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The day I SAW MY SON turned into A SUPERHERO

Sneak Peek: When we moved to Japan, Lucas was bullied.  What happened then was unexpected, he proved that he was a real superhero. Not just a pretend one.

Does your child like dressing up?

Lucas does.

He likes wearing nice "porma" clothes even in the hot summer days when we were still in the Philippines.

He is just 5 years old so he also likes to pretend - a lot! Every day, he will tell me what character he is going to be for the day.  A vampire, ninja, pirate, superman, spiderman, the flash, batman... Yes! Most days he is a superhero.

When he heard that we were moving to Japan, he was excited.  He pictured himself wearing a costume every day because of Japan's cold weather.

Yes - these two 😄

One day, after we moved to Tokyo, he wanted to be superman.  I thought, "I guess there will be no problem.  I know that people love to dress up in Japan."

Everything was fine.  He even met some kids (non-Japanese) who played along with him and pretended they were superheroes too.  Until some time later, they were screaming at each other. Lucas even louder, and tears brimming in the corner of his eyes while he screamed at them. "I am not a baby! I'm not Superbaby! I'm Superman!

They were calling him "Superbaby!", and he didn't like it.  They kept on teasing him, probably because they were getting the reaction that they want.  I held myself and told myself not to get involved.  "Don't get into kid's fight", that's what they say, right?

Until he came to me and told me that he didn't like what they were calling him.  I told him to just ignore them and do not play with them anymore.  He didn't listen. He still kept on screaming back telling them to stop it.  They were brothers teasing him all at the same time, "You're not Superman! You're a Superbaby!"

My heart ached at the sight of him hurting.  Everyone at the playground is hearing it - including the mother of those three boys.  I thought Lucas shouldn't be the one to be embarrassed.  They were bullying him so they should be ashamed of their behavior.  When Lucas came back to me, I whispered to him, "Tell them to stop bullying you."

We watched it on TV, real-life and animated stories about kids bullying other kids. And now, it's actually happening to him too.  He understood and he repeatedly shouted, "Stop bullying me!"

It caught the mom's attention.  She finally went to her boys to tell them to stop.  It took a long while before they finally listened to her, said a reluctant sorry and stopped.

I told Lucas to stay away from them, we can play with other kids.  He should not be around kids who are mean and inconsiderate.  They were older than him.  As the mom of the victim, I felt the need to protect him.

The next thing he said melt my heart, "Mommy, I want to give them another chance."

I was beaming with pride after he said that. I hugged him tightly.  That day, he turned into a superhero in my very eyes.  They hurt him and made him cry, but he still chose to save them... gave them another chance.

What would you have done if you were in my situation? No matter how serious or little, recognize when your child is being bullied.

On the other hand, we should also recognize when our child is the bully one.

Have you been in a similar situation? We would like to hear about your experience.

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