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Weekend Lakwatsa: Yoyogi Park | Hinokicho Park | Tokyo Midtown Design Touch | Halloween promotions

Weekend: October 2019

Yoyogi Park

This is one of my favorite parks so we come back as often as we like to.  This weekend, There are a lot more people having a picnic compared when we went here during the summer.  It's probably due to the weather being cooler, and it's been a while since the sun showed up after Typhoon Hagibis.  

The colors will change soon!

They cleaned up the place by gathering twigs which probably fell due to typhoons.

Some of the trees are already changing colors. I can't wait to see the yellow colors of autumn for the first time!  It's estimated peak is on November 27 - see you in Tokyo!

Hinokicho Park and Playground

We were on our way to Midtown garden when we stumbled upon this amazing park.  There was a landscaped garden surrounding a small lake.  I heard that it is also gorgeous for cherry blossom in Spring and Autumn foliage.

Just beside the garden is a park where families can have a picnic, a children's playground, and a vast open space where children can run around.

Here he was questioning why he is not allowed to go over the web play area. They're growing the grass.
Address: 9-7-9 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Midtown: Design Touch Event

We loved the Digital Art Garden last Summer (July to August) where you can hang your feet towards a spacious lawn that was enveloped by cool mist, with soothing music and lights.

You can dangle your feet in the cool flowing water.
Dangling our feet, feeling the cool mist. Perfect for summer.

When I found out that there is a new event in Tokyo Midtown this weekend, we just had to see it.  The highlight is Roppongi Color Crayon where vibrant colors of mesh fabric spread across 80 meters in Midtown Garden.  They light it up during the night so it might be better. I like seeing the colors like this it was eye refreshing.

colored fabric mesh

Yeah, he is very active so he's better on video.

Period: October 18 (Fri) - November 4 (Mon, Holiday)
*Cancelled in the event of bad weather
Time: 11:00 - 21:00
Location: Midtown Garden
Charge: Free
Organized By: Tokyo Midtown
Creator: SPREAD

Halloween events

We surely wouldn't be around the chaos during Shibuya's Halloween celebration because we have a little child but it's nice to spot some parts of the celebration around Tokyo.

Just outside Yoyogi Park

Free photo plus free lollies!
Harajuku Halloween parade

Harajuku Halloween Parade

Upcoming events:

Tokyo Disneyland: September 9 - October 31
Kawasaki Halloween: October 1 - 31

Kichijoji Halloween Festival: October 29–30

Shibuya Halloween Festival: October 26 - 31

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